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Clayburn Creek Jam

  Eating jam is one of life's most delicious simple pleasures.  Our jams are unlike regular commercial varieties as we add less sugar to the fruit to ensure the robust flavour of the Fraser Valley berries. We are lucky to make all of our jams in the commercial kitchen at Clayburn Village Store in Clayburn, B.C., which is surrounded by lush fields of blueberries, raspberries & strawberries.

Each batch yields an average of 6-8 jars and everything is done by hand, which includes the labeling. Making jam is a fine balance of fruit, sugar, pectin and fresh lemon juice to create a product that makes your taste buds sing and leave them wanting more.

                                                               We were very lucky to be #8 on Vancouver Magazine "101 Things to                                                             Eat Before You Die" for our Fraser Valley Raspberry Jam.


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